All Modern Firearms Has Three Basic Groups Of Parts

All modern firearms have three basic groups of parts. The parts themselves are categorized into groups to help simplify the understanding of how each part functions in a firearm. What are these parts? Well, they are as follows:

The bullet is the largest part of a firearm and is also the part that will cause damage the quickest. Within the bullet group are several groups of parts: the case, the breech, the drive band and the tip. The case is the glass or plastic case that protects the powder residue and the primer from blowing out while it is being fired from the gun.

Next is the breech. The breech is the metal ring that allows the bullet to spin while remaining in the case. Within the group of parts that goes along with the breech are two more: the seat and the cap. The seat is a rubber ring that fits into the breech to prevent the bullet from coming out while the cap is a hard rubber piece that fits over the breech to keep the bullet from coming out. These are the groups of parts that are typically replaced when a gun is worn out or when the bullet has been fired.

Next are the drives. These are metal rods attached to the sides of the gun that force the bullet down the barrel. The groups of drives are typically found on both sides of the gun. The last major part of the gun is the tip. The tip is the flat part of the gun that allows it to be loaded and to be fired.

How can this simplify the gun? For starters, it means that all the groups are the same size so that there is no need to scale down the gun to make it suitable for a different type of cartridge. Also, because all the groups are the same size, the bullet will go down the barrel the same regardless of what gun you fire it with. This simplification also means that there is no need for gun cleaning except for a final round of ammunition before the gun is packed away.

So why do all modern firearms have these three basic groups of parts? Obviously, it is to prevent the gun from being able to jam. Additionally, it allows for a gun to be reloaded quickly without having to remove the bullet from the bore all together. Lastly, it allows a gun to be shot accurately. If you want to shoot a weapon perfectly, then do not subject it to the pressures of reloading a bullet.

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