Browning Citori 725 – Features and Benefits

Browning shotguns have many favorable qualities which make them highly desirable firearms for sporting disciplines such as duck hunting, small game shooting and the military. With their durability, accuracy, safety features, portability and fast reload speeds, shotguns from this manufacturer are popular with professionals. This is a shotgun that does not shoot too fast nor too slow. The shotguns are extremely durable and extremely accurate. With the best steel forgings and gun barrels made from the finest gun steel available, the shotguns from Browning are precision instruments that will perform flawlessly for years.

The Browning Citori 725 shotgun is a high performance shotgun which uses a two-stage charging system. Unlike standard pump shotguns, when a new shotgun shell is fired the second stage automatically begins firing. This ensures that the shotgun remains loaded even after multiple shots. The shotgun’s second stage is designed to overcome any inaccuracies that may occur when the shotgun is continuously fired. A mechanical fire lite trigger is located in the stock of the shotgun and allows for a reliable and consistent release of the shotgun in all types of shooting situations.

The Browning Citori 725 is one shotgun model which features a hydraulic recoil pad system. This feature is one of the major differences between this shotgun model and the models manufactured by other manufacturers. The hydraulic recoil pad is designed to absorb the energy that is released by the firing of the shotgun, thereby minimizing any additional recoil that occurs after each shot. This feature provides for an excellent level of safety and greatly reduces the chance of any injury or trauma occurring after each shot.

A major characteristic of the Browning Citori 725 is its steel frame. Compared to many shotgun models, the steel frame features an effective combination of strength and light weight. This effectively makes it easier to handle while still being highly mobile thanks to its strong and durable metal construction. The heavy duty construction of the steel frame also provides a more stable firing platform than other less durable frames. In addition to its sturdy construction, the steel frame can be easily upgraded through the use of interchangeable choke tubes and buttocks.

An extremely popular accessory that is featured on nearly all Browning shotguns is a low-profile rubber buttstock. This rubber buttstock is designed to prevent unwanted contact with the gun’s front sight when the user is in an active combat situation. With its ergonomic design, the low-profile buttstock can be easily holstered on both left and right hand sides with the use of a crossbow hook.

When comparing the Browning Citori 725 with other repeating shotguns, you will discover that it boasts an exceptional level of accuracy even at distances up to 100 yards. In addition to its high accuracy rate, the shotgun is known for its high rate of fire due to its high rate of firing primer. This feature makes it ideal for use in long range shooting and for training exercises as well.

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