How Do Fireworks Work?

Understanding how firearms work is the initial step in being a responsible and safe gun owner. When hunting, always point your muzzle in a safe direction and follow basic safety procedures. Always treat each firearm just like it was loaded. Always keep your finger off of the trigger until you’re ready to fire. If you ever lose control of your gun or fire it at a friend or animal, they can be hurt.

how firearms work

One thing you’ll find is that all rifles and handguns have a similar mechanism for firing a bullet. The general arrangement begins with an electric motor and an extractor or firing pin. The electric motor provides the power to rotate the firing pin down and pushes it down through the barrel. Once it’s pushed down the barrel it fits into the locking adapter. With a properly designed locking adapter, the firing pin will be locked into place and will only go forward when the trigger is squeezed.

Next there is a magazine which holds the gun cartridges. A spring, push rod, bolt, or other type of connecting device holds the cartridges securely together. When a bullet is fired, the magazine compresses the bullet and the case (case rim) expands. As the case expands, pressure is created and forces the bullet down the barrel. This creates an optical illusion that allows the hunter to look through the scope and see things beyond the point of impact.

How do you know if you’ve got a safe firearm handling? First, never point a gun at another human being. Second, keep all ammunition locked up in the same place where it can’t be accessed by anyone. Third, never point a gun at anything that could potentially cause injury or death.

OK, how do you fire a semi-automatic firearm? This is pretty self explanatory actually. Once the action is started, the slide or bolt is forced downward by pressure from the buttstock and then the hammer strikes the sear and releases the hammer. The bullet leaves the chamber and travels down the barrel to impact the target. After it does, the bolt or slide returns to lock into place and continue the downward movement.

So if you’re wondering how do they make guns lethal and how do they keep people from getting shot accidentally, this is how! Remember though that these guns were designed to kill people. Never aim them at anything that could end up killing the person with it. This is why semi-automatics are only legal in certain states and are heavily regulated.

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