How Many Americans Own Guns?

how many americans own firearms

How Many Americans Own Guns?

The number one question on the lips of any gun enthusiast is, “How many Americans own guns?” This question has many answers that will confuse even the most educated. For the sake of this article I will assume that we are dealing with just the “regular” person that doesn’t own a gun. We will also assume that they don’t own a large number of firearms. If you think these assumptions are incorrect then you should read on to learn about the other 99.9% of all firearms owned by an American citizen.

The question as to how many Americans own firearms can be easily answered by figuring out how many guns are in circulation. This is done by taking the yearly average of the population of each state and dividing it by the total population of each state. You will find that states with higher populations have more guns than lower population states. This is why Alaska has fewer firearms per capita than California.

Once you figure out how many firearms there are in circulation, you can then divide that number by the population size of each state to come up with an estimate of how many Americans own guns. When doing this estimation, it is important to take into consideration how many firearms are owned by criminals not included in this total. Remember criminals own guns, not people who want to keep their guns legally. An estimated number is only an estimate. To get a true number you would need to get a bunch of estimates from different places and then average them to come up with a true average.

An interesting bit of information that you might not know about gun ownership is that in many states it is against the law to own a firearm if you are mentally incapacitated. This means that you cannot own a firearm unless you are completely sure that you are not under any type of mental or legal constraints. This is very important information to know because if you are legally able to own a gun but cannot access it when you need it, you could end up in jail for up to a year. You have probably seen the movies where the guy that owns the gun is sitting on the corner holding it by the barrel ready to fire at anyone who enters the vicinity. While this may seem funny, it is legal in almost all states to carry a firearm without a license.

Knowing how many Americans own guns is important information because it tells you how many guns are stolen each year. Many times a firearm is taken out of its owner’s home and stole. Statistics show that owning a gun is a way that a person protects himself or herself from danger. Statistics also show that people who own a gun are less likely to commit suicide compared to those who do not own one.

As you can see knowing how many American owners of guns is important information. This statistics tells us how easy it is to obtain a firearm. It tells us that it is very easy to store firearms safely and to get them when we need them. It shows that owning a firearm can save lives. If you want to learn more about owning a firearm than clicking on the link below.

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