How Many Firearms Are In The Country

how many firearms are in the united states

How Many Firearms Are In The Country

With all the talk of gun control in the United States there is a question of how many firearms are in the United States. The short answer to this question is as many as we have any right to have. Remember the Second Amendment was granted to us by our forefathers and it is our right to bear arms. Although we may want to control others unlawful activity, how many firearms are in the US is not so important.

The real issue that people should be concerned with is the illegal firearms that are flowing across our borders. How many weapons are coming over the border into the United States? This very question has been bothering the Border Patrol for some time now. Unfortunately we cannot determine how many firearms are coming in on our soil until the fencing is completely constructed to prevent such a large amount of illegal firearm activity.

In comparing the size of the weapon that a person can legally own to the size of the rifle they must own there are a few things to consider. The large caliber rifles are the largest weapon that law abiding citizens will be allowed to own. Rifles are not all created equal, some are made of heavier metal and some are lighter weight. The length of the rifle barrel when compared with the overall length of the human body can make a huge difference in the power of a shot.

One question often asked is how many firearms are in the country when there are so many different types of rifles. There are actually several types of rifles. There are the long rifles which are between twenty-five and fifty-five inches in length, these are the rifles that collectors seek. The other category of rifles is the shorter rifles, they are between twenty-six and thirty-two inches in length. The short rifles are much more accurate than the long rifles but they are not portable like the long rifles. There are also handguns that may be legally purchased for self-defense situations.

Laws have recently changed where carrying a firearm in certain areas may be illegal. Those who are law abiding may simply carry a pocket knife or a pepper spray instead. If one is caught in the act of violating the law there will be some consequences such as a fine. For others a short time will be issued in prison for bringing a firearm into the building or work place.

Other legal issues include how any gun that is registered may be purchased by an unauthorized person. It may also include how any firearm that is used for crime may be confiscated by the police without the owner ever being found out of the crime. How many firearms are in the country is difficult to keep track of but it can be done. A good way to do this would be to check the local law enforcement to see how many firearms that have been seized by them and how many new weapons have been purchased by them in the last year.

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