Hunting Safely When You Know a Firearm’s Effective Killing Range

when you know a firearms effective killing range

Knowing your firearm’s effective killing range is essential for safe hunting. It lets you estimate how far a bullet will travel and helps you assess a clean kill. Generally, this range will be less than the maximum projectile range. The following charts provide information on the maximum projectile range for lead pellets and bullets.

Accuracy is the most important thing to consider when choosing a firearm. Bullet weight, velocity, and bore size are less important than bullet placement. For example, large game animals are more likely to be hit with a large caliber magnum rifle. In order to maximize accuracy, it is important to study animal anatomy. Accurate placement of a bullet in the heart/lung area will make the animal die quickly.

Another factor to consider is the maximum effective range. Many guns, including machine guns, are effective against targets up to 50% higher than they would be with a rifle. The difference is that machine guns don’t require the round to retain its lethal energy. This is different from the maximum effective range which is typically used for large artillery guns.

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