Tactical Lasers – Taurus G3 9 MM With Cross Pointed Hoist

The Taurus G3 9MM Luger is constructed to provide a secure, comfortable hold for fast pointing and quick moving. This handgun is constructed with a low profile, stainless steel frame and a comfortably textured, ergonomic, leather-covered grip for enhanced hand placement for increased control. A textured, stippled surface on the stock is included for added grip and comfort. A stippled surface on the front of the Taurus G3 9MM Luger’s grip provides a highly-gainful surface for better hand placement and control. An ergonomically contoured trigger guard provides ergonomic comfort.

A two-finger operation on the Taurus G3 9MM Luger allows for a faster shooting trigger pull and improved accuracy. An enlarged trigger zone for stronger grip on the pistol’s slide and a trigger with higher stress relief reduces the tendency to have the trigger pull jerky during continuous firing. The trigger safety is available as an add-on to ensure the operator of the Taurus G3 9MM Luger is able to fully utilize all of the pistol’s features. An easy-to-remove, six-round magazine lock prevents against accidental disassembly of the handgun’s magazine. Also, a front strap lock ensures the pistol’s holster will not slip while the gun is in use. A rubber bumper minimizes recoil force.

With the Taurus G3 9MM Luger, one is provided with a comfortable shooting rest that is also comfortable to hold. An adjustable canticle grip accommodates most fine-tuned facial structures for a comfortable hold. It also includes a two-position comfort key that enables a shooter to place the key in either the left or right front grip. A leather-covered paddle with replaceable fingertips allows for a more accurate shooting surface. This handgun also includes an advanced hammer latch system that provides a strong and durable holding power.

The Taurus Proprietary grip is constructed using a textured black polymer and includes a textured rubber grip pad and textured rubber support band. This grip is designed with comfort in mind and includes a finger guard that fits tightly around the pistol’s grip. The Proprietary grip also includes an aggressive trigger guard that provides outstanding accuracy and recoil control. The trigger guard also incorporates a pre-installed rubber thumb break that providing an outstanding grip when used with gloves. Additionally, a two-position magazine release button is included to provide rapid firing of the handgun.

A smooth-action trigger provides rapid firing of the handgun. For accuracy, Taurus loads its handguns with one of its newest, improved polymer cartridges. This polymer cartridge is called thesaurus stainless steel case rimmed. The new polymer casing features a heavy-duty spring that is made from premium alloy steel. The weight of the handgun is one pound five ounces complete with a three-pronged grip. The Taurus Proprietary grip and trigger guard not only make the handgun lighter but also allow for a more accurate shooting experience.

When shooting from the standing position with the Taurus G3 9MM, the operator should always have at least two sights on the firearm. One sight should be placed in the front of the semi-automatic cartridge magazine with a mounting block and a second sight should be mounted on the back of the magazine. When a target is presented at a distance of fifteen to twenty yards, the operator can fire all the rounds in a single pull of the trigger. The sights on the Taurus G3 9MM are designed for excellent accuracy.

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