Types of Magazines Used on Firearms

what are the two different types of magazines used on firearms

There are two types of magazines, one of which is removable and the other is fixed. Detachable box magazines are found in rifles and pistols. They are loaded manually by inserting clips. They became more common in the 20th century. Internal box magazine is stored inside the firearm and serves the same purpose as removable magazines. It is more difficult to load, but it allows for more ammunition.

The most common magazine type is box magazine. It holds cartridges in a column. The second type is called drum magazine and is used on lever-action rifles and pump action shotguns. A pan magazine stores cartridges side by side. A drum magazine can contain several hundred rounds. It is sometimes integral to the firearm. A semi-automatic weapon can have two magazines – a box and a drum – in the same weapon.

Modern handguns and rifles use box magazines. These contain cartridges that are automatically fed by a follower, which is moved by spring compression. They may be fixed or removable. A detachable magazine is convenient for carrying in a car or on a hunt. Some are detachable and can be inserted into a gun. A box magazine will allow the shooter to load multiple rounds at a time, which makes reloading faster.

Fixed box magazines are used with lever-action rifles and pump-action shotguns. A detachable magazine can accept various types of magazines. A single-feed magazine is one where the top cartridge touches both lips. A staggered feed magazine has a wider set of lips and forces the top cartridge to contact one lip. These two types of magazines have proven to be more reliable against jamming because of their rigid design.

A single-barrel rifle and shotgun usually need a magazine. A box magazine is a type of detachable box magazine. A drum magazine is a type of detachible box magazine. A helix magazine is a type of helix magazine. A helix magazine holds more bullets. It also has a larger capacity than a box magazine.

A single-barrel firearm needs a magazine. A double-barrel rifle requires a double-barrel rifle. A box magazine is a detachable box type. A staggered magazine has two sets of lips. In a single-barrel model, the top cartridge touches both lips. A staggered-barrel magazine uses a helix.

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