What Happened to Ben at Classic Firearms – A Review

what happened to ben at classic firearms

What Happened to Ben at Classic Firearms – A Review

“The Lost Pendulum of Ben Casey” is the third in the highly popular and successful series of books about the young, mentally unstable and inexperienced Ben Casey. The first two books of the series were “Point Of Duty” and “Atlas Shrugged”. I enjoyed these books so much I wanted to write a separate review for each of them. I believe that all three books are fantastic and stand on their own for the avid fan of fantasy thrillers. However, the third book in the series, “The Pendulum of Ben Casey”, is probably my favorite of all three.

Set within a world of magic and the occult, “The Pendulum of Ben Casey” follows the story of Ben, a boy who was adopted and raised by humans. He has a unique talent for speaking to animals and talking to a group of teenagers in their hometown. Everything went well until one night Ben and his best friend were attacked by an Outsider. When he tried to defend his friend from the Outsider, he accidentally killed him.

Ever since that night, Ben has been trying to uncover the truth about his life. But his quest will be complicated by the fact that neither his friend nor anyone else seems to remember any details of the crime. Ben’s mentor, Professor Patrick had told him about something called the “Pendulum of Ben Casey”. If given the right key, then the power to change one’s destiny is within Ben’s grasp. This is where the story begins to take a different point of view as Ben is forced to examine the lives of those who came before him.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the storyline is the way in which Prof. Patrick helps Ben deal with his guilt over his murder and the tragic death of his friend. Though his methods are unorthodox, Prof. Patrick is able to draw readers into his descriptive world. He gives great detail and makes his story come to life. Unfortunately, however, he does not tell as much as he should have and this may eventually cause readers to dislike his story.

One interesting aspect of the story involves a brief mention of Napoleon Bonaparte’s daughter, Madame de La Raudonneau. Although her role was more like a concubine than a friend of Ben, the writer never deviates from the story’s timeline. The writer also mentions several other women that had significant influence on Ben’s life, including Madame de Troye and Madeline Taine.

Overall, What Happened to Ben at Classic Firearms is a fast paced story about a young boy who realizes the folly of relying on his instincts. It is also a story that shows the perils of relying on one’s sense of instinct alone. This book is available for sale through Barnes & Noble and the author’s website. The author’s name is Matthew M. Temple.

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