What Happened to Red Jacket Firearms?

what happened to red jacket firearms

In 2008, Will Hayden opened Red Jacket Firearms. He had a wonderful life and a great reputation as a gun shop owner. Unfortunately, his business has gone into bankruptcy after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. Regardless, it’s important to remember that the store is still open. Read on to learn more about the story of Red Jacket Firearms and how it could have turned out differently. You might also be curious about how the allegations came to light.

What happened to Red Jacket Firearms? The story could have been one of inspiration for dreamers who were unsure of their potential. If the company had remained open and operated in good standing, their story would have encouraged others to follow their passions and talents. However, the stories of the employees of Red Jacket Firearms are now tarnished by the scandals surrounding the company. Whether or not it is true is not clear, but it appears that the company has moved on to new endeavors and plans to remain open.

The story of Red Jacket Firearms could have inspired dreamers to pursue their dreams and talents. Will Hayden, the owner of the company, has received three life sentences and forty years in prison. His crimes have destroyed his reputation, and the company will have to wait a long time to restore its reputation. Hopefully, the story will inspire others and make them aware of the opportunities that are out there for them. After all, it’s not all bad!

Red Jacket Firearms was the creation of Will Hayden. It was a reality show that detailed his business. In the fifth season, the show was cancelled, and Will Hayden and his daughter Stephanie were accused of sexual assault and a rape. The two were both arrested and charged with the crimes. The revocation of their licenses ended the show, but Hayden later apologized.

After the arrest of Hayden, Red Jacket Firearms became Meaux Guns & Ammo. Will and Stephanie Meaux had already branded their business with their own names. In addition to selling guns and ammo, Red Jacket Firearms also opened an airsoft range and a Ford Guns. Will Hayden’s family owned the company for many years, but the company was unable to do so.

Red Jacket Firearms closed in 2012 after the owner of the business was arrested on charges of sexual harassment. Its former chief gunsmith, Vince Buckles, was also arrested and subsequently left the company. The Meaux family has since shifted their focus to other family businesses. The Meaux family also opened an airsoft range, called IAC Wargames. Their other businesses include Ford Guns and IAC Wargames.

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