Where to Buy Firearms

where to buy firearms

If you want to purchase a firearm but are not sure where to buy one, you can always buy from a private seller in your state. They can mail a gun to you if you live in the same state, and they will do the background check on you. In addition, you can mail a handgun or rifle through the United States Postal Service. You can do so if the seller certifies the gun is unloaded. However, don’t rely on services like UPS or FedEx to ship firearms between individuals.

Another great place to buy a firearm is at an online auction site. Gunbroker is one of the largest online auction sites, and you can deal with individual sellers. There are some sellers who know how to set up auctions properly, but you may have to pay shipping and provide your FFL information. Also, be aware that sellers may not have shipped the guns to your local FFL, so make sure to research the seller before purchasing.

Regardless of your reason for purchasing a firearm, it’s important to find a firearm that fits your hands and body. A firearm that doesn’t fit properly will need to be readjusted, and it will pull the barrel during your trigger squeeze. This can lead to accidents and even fatalities. Fortunately, there are now dozens of licensed dealers to choose from. They’ll perform a background check on every prospective buyer and will keep you from being a victim of illegal gun sales.

You’ll also need to provide proof of residency in your home state in order to legally purchase a handgun in California. You can show a utility bill, residential lease, or property deed as proof. You can also show government-issued identification, including a driver’s license or a military ID with permanent duty station orders. Non-US citizens should provide documentation proving their legal presence in the U.S.

As for gun laws, New York City has strict laws regarding the ownership of guns. As long as you are at least 21 years old, you can purchase a handgun. In addition, the state requires residents to obtain a firearm license. This is usually granted in the form of a license. Some states don’t require this, however, so it is a good idea to check with the state before buying a gun.

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