Who Invented Firearms?

Who Invented Firearms? Some people will say that guns were invented by either Christopher Columbus or William Tell, while other will cite both of them as the inventors. This article seeks to determine who actually came up with firearms, and to what extent they played a role in shaping our nation. We will look at both Christopher Columbus and William Tell, as well as some lesser knowns like Hanan Diaz. After looking at all of this, you might be a little more certain about who actually invented firearms.

who invented firearms

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy. He is said to have made trips to India and Brazil with his small boat, and to have learned of a new kind of gunpowder. Some accounts say that he actually used black powder with this new gunpowder, which can be seen in some of his older artwork. But some accounts indicate that Christopher Columbus may have discovered a new breed of pepper, which used an unknown process for producing a greater amount of smoke with less smoke. Either way, we’ll take a leap of faith and place Christopher Columbus as the first person to figure out how to make gunpowder.

William Tell is another well-known character from Spain, and he too is credited with creating gunpowder, although he might not have invented any smokeless powder firearms. Tell is best known for telling stories of robbing castle after castle, and of winning one over with his new gun. We’ll give him a passing mention here, though.

Before we look at the lesser-known stories of who invented guns, let’s take a quick trip back in time to the early eighteen hundreds. California had just gained independence from England and there was a lot of gunplay going on, as there had been many skirmishes along the Mexico border since the French had started to occupy Mexico. One day a few people decided to get together and play a game of “shoot the bullets” using black powder. This curious group quickly realized that it wasn’t long before someone got very lucky by shooting a bullet to their leg.

Who invented firearms? That depends on who you ask. Some say the bishop of Burgundy. While some claim the cardinal corners. Some say the cardinal. Some say nobody.

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