Who Makes Citadel Firearms?

The question of who makes citadel firearms is a popular one amongst fans of Old West guns. The company has been around for a long time and produces high quality firearms. Their production of Old West weapons is legendary, so if you are interested in Old West collectibles or firearms in general, you should definitely check out what citadel has to offer.

who makes citadel firearms

Who makes citadel firearms? There are a number of different people responsible for the company’s success. One of these people is Johnriegel, who is the man that developed the design of the gun in question. Johnriegel also happens to be one of the most skilled gunsmiths alive today. With years of experience, he came up with a stellar design for guns, including the ones that are made by the citadel.

The next person responsible for the success of Who makes citadel firearms is Thomas King. After examining some of the earlier designs of guns that were being mass produced during the turn of the century, King wanted to take his ideas to the next level. His new creation would be different from those that came before it. It was going to be something completely original. He wanted to incorporate his design into an American creation that was sure to thrill firearms lovers everywhere.

How long does it take to make a gun? This question often pops up when someone is considering investing in Old West weaponry, including guns like the citadel. To keep things simple, the actual creation of the gun takes a much shorter amount of time than one might think. Most of what is required is simply shaping up the frame and working on the other portions. Once this is complete, the gun can then be put together and sent to a factory to be finished.

As far as how the gun is made, this part is actually done in a rather short period of time. Making a gun is very similar to making anything else that can be made by utilizing a gun making press. Simple items, such as caps and bullets, can be made using a press. The materials needed to construct the gun include blank shells, wood, and paint. The actual firing process is very easy, but requires that all pieces are perfectly assembled.

Of course, the question remains of who makes citadel firearms. Only time will tell. There are many gunsmiths and manufacturers that are working towards creating guns that are truly stand-alone pieces. People may choose to purchase entire lines of Who makes citadel firearms, or they may choose to start with a specific design in mind. Either way, these guns are something that is sure to capture the imagination and passion of many.

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