Who Owns Marlin Firearms?

If you’ve ever walked into a gun shop or a sporting goods store and wondered “Who owns Marlin firearms?” it’s probably no surprise that you have questions. After all, the company is a huge one, and its inventory is likely too large for them to keep track of. Fortunately, you can buy a Marlin rifle online and have it shipped to your house.

who owns marlin firearms

If you’ve ever wondered who owns Marlin firearms, you’re not alone. The brand has a long history, and its high-quality rifles are reasonably priced. It’s important to note that the company’s name and logo are trademarked. You may find it difficult to find out who owns Marlin firearms, but don’t be discouraged. If you’re interested in buying a rifle, here’s a list of possible companies that own the brand.

In fact, Marlin Firearms has been around for 140 years. It was once owned by Remington Outdoor Company, which went bankrupt in 2010. However, in September 2020, the company will be completely liquidated. That’s pretty much the end of the Marlin brand. If you want a high-quality rifle without breaking the bank, consider buying a Marlin rifle. If you can afford one, you’re well-off.

Earlier this century, Marlin Firearms was headquartered in North Haven, Connecticut. But in 2011, it sold its firearm manufacturing business and ceased manufacturing in that state. After that, Marlin was bought by Remington Arms Co., a firearms vendor. After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Cerberus Capital Management sold its shares in Freedom Group and shut down its North Haven operation. The company is now fully liquidated, and the Marlin brand has been discontinued.

Since Marlin moved from New Haven, its name has been changed several times. The company has now been incorporated into Remington’s Freedom Group. The company now claims to be the world’s largest single-shot rifle manufacturer. The brand was once owned by the Remington Outdoor Company, but now has gone through bankruptcy. The new owners have shut down the plant and laid off its workforce. This means that there is no Marlin brand today.

As with many brands, Marlin Firearms is a well-known brand of bolt and lever-action hunting rifles. Their.22 rimfire semi-automatic long guns were popular with hunters and other people, but their history was complicated. In the end, they were owned by Cerberus Capital Management, a firm founded by Stephen A. Feinberg and Stephen Soros. This company has gone bankrupt and has been fully liquidated since September 2010.

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, the company’s owners were forced to sell it. In the wake of the scandal, the company has struggled to stay afloat, but it has survived with a safety feature built into its rifles. The safety feature allows the firearms to be loaded with higher-powered cartridges, and the rifles have an excellent reputation in the industry. The Marlin firearms brand is the oldest and most widely-recognized American brand.

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