Who Owns Marlin Firearms?

who owns marlin firearms

You may be wondering who owns Marlin Firearms. In a recent filing, the company revealed that Remington Outdoor Company, Inc. has agreed to purchase the Marlin Firearms brand. This purchase was approved by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Alabama. The deal was reportedly worth $28 million. The money came from cash on hand. While the deal may seem suspicious, it is a sound business move.

Marlin has been around for a long time. They’ve been producing great leverguns for decades. While their history hasn’t been entirely smooth, the company has come through tough times and has remained one of the most popular brands in the world. Despite a rocky start, Marlin has continued to produce excellent sporting firearms. The company even branched out into razor blades.

Marlin moved to New Hampshire a decade and a half ago, but it isn’t clear where the company is now. It was purchased by Remington Outdoor in 2007 and incorporated into their own production. Marlin was soon a prominent member of the Freedom Group, which is a group of companies that manufacture high-quality firearms. The company also purchased H&R Firearms, another gunmaker. H&R, which was owned by Remington, is another example of this acquisition.

Between 1870 and 1970, the Marlin Firearms Company went through a tumultuous history. John Marlin’s sons inherited the Marlin company. Marlin Rockwell Corporation grew into the largest machine gun manufacturer in the world. This machine gun was the precursor of the Marlin gun. The company also acquired Hopkins & Allen Arms Company, which promoted an expanded line of sporting arms. It was sold in 1923.

The Marlin Company also produced rifles under store brand names. Its line of guns was called Glenfield until 1982. The Model 30 was essentially a Marlin 336 with a cheaper birch stock. The Glenfield line was created for mass-marketers and was made with lower-quality materials. Glenfield rifles were not marked with the trademark bullseye or white line spacers. However, they still shoot and handle like Marlins.

As a gunmaker, Marlin has a rich history. The Marlin Firearms Company was founded in 1870 and today, they produce rifles, shotguns, and derringers. The company’s second factory is in Gardner, Mass. The company’s history is rooted in the American Civil War and the development of rifles. It has even expanded into the manufacture of derringers and revolvers.

Marlin firearms are often based on the Ballard action. These are rifles chambered for large hunting cartridges. Those rifles were a huge hit among hunters in the thick woods. But they require a specific cartridge length and heavily crimped loads. Fortunately, Marlin continues to improve on the technology behind its firearms. In fact, their firearms have undergone countless improvements over the last century.

Since the beginning of the 19th century, Marlin engineers have worked on improving their products. The first side-ejecting solid-top receiver was the Marlin Safety, which made it easy to mount aftermarket sights and scopes. And in the mid-2000s, the company introduced the T-900 Fire Control System for bolt-action rimfire rifles. If you want a long-lasting, reliable gun, Marlin is the one to turn to.

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