Why Was the Introduction of European Firearms in Japan Successful?

The question that arises is “Why was the introduction of European firearms in Japan successful?” This can be answered in two ways. One reason for their success is that after the Meiji Period there were no longer any warlords controlling the Japanese islands and they were starting to become a peaceful country. Second, the Japanese people were growing increasingly pro-gun and they saw the inherent benefit of gun ownership and how it would increase their power in society. They therefore embraced gun ownership and in 1868 the first shots were fired in what would become the First World War.

why was the introduction of european firearms in japan successful

In order to understand why was the introduction of European firearms in Japan successful we must go back to before the Meiji Period. During this time period Japan had been isolated from the rest of the world with only Britain and China as its major trading partners. Japan was at war with itself and fighting off internal rebels which were caused by the powerful Bakugan culture. Bakugan is a collective term that encompasses a number of different anime series which are based on the Bakugan universe. In order to defeat these creatures, the Japanese government started creating weapons based on Bakugan.

The government started creating guns when they realized that the population of Japan would not have an easy time of defeating the Bakugan creatures if they were not equipped with proper weapons. After creating the first guns they started experimenting on different sizes, designs and firing rates of the guns. One year they improved the rate of fire by one percent but then another year they tripled the rate. Eventually they created a type of gun that could fire multiple shots at a time.

This was the development that came to be known as the Type 99. The Type 99 greatly increased the ability of the population to fight against Bakugan and allowed them to slowly push the enemy back into the underground. When it became obvious that the population could not defeat the monsters, the government then turned their attention to the Bakugan itself. After creating more powerful Bakugan toys, the government started promoting more of these monsters and their ability to battle the enemy.

After the rise of the Type 99, another type of powerful gun was made and this was the Type AA. This was the beginning of the last Bakugan war which was very successful and it ended with the submission of the Bakugan to the Earth Kingdom. The use of firearms allowed Japan to gain the upper hand and eventually defeat the Earth Kingdom in an official war.

It can be concluded that the use of firearms in Japan is a very successful history. During this time there were many different manufacturers that made these guns. Over time many of these guns got obsolete because of the innovations of other makers. However, the use of the old guns helped to preserve the memory of old battles. These guns are still used today for reenactments and as collectibles. As technology changes, it will be interesting to see what new ideas the Japanese government and firearms innovators will bring to the world stage.

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