Classic Firearms – The Untold Story of Ben at the Firearms

what happened to ben at classic firearms

Classic Firearms – The Untold Story of Ben at the Firearms

“What Happened To Ben At Classic Firearms?” is a powerful re-telling of the story of the greatest gun-smarter alive. When Ben Jordan’s wicked brother Jafar attacks the kingdom of Silom, Ben and his friend Spot run off to protect them. While running through the desert, they come across a large group of Zulus.

The two sides are viciously battling. The women carry concealed weapons while Ben, disguised as an Egyptian slave, snatches Jafar’s gold earrings. Jafar has no choice but to hand over his prized possession, the kingdom’s only diamond, to Ben and his friend. The two enter the palace, where they find King Solomon and his advisor, Dinah, having a meeting with King Solomon’s adviser, Methuselah. After the meeting, the three head for the Western Wall, where Ben sees the recently freed captive Moses, whom he identifies as his father.

The group boards a large sloop and sails toward the Red Sea. As the ship approaches the shore, two warriors on board to shoot and injure Dinah. Ben spots Moses, who identifies him as his foster-father. Moses bids Ben to get Dinah to safety, but Ben insists that they must help each other. With help from Moses, they succeed.

On their return, the warriors discover that Solomon has died, and that Dinah has been married to Menelaus, the king of Tyre. Her father, Menelaus, tries to kill Ben and Moses, but the two escape. They continue their escape, locating King Solomon’s bones. Investigating the death, they come across an amulet, the ‘Cord of Ages’, which possesses magical powers. Ben and Moses use the charms to locate the chamber in which Solomon died and enter it.

They are pursued by a group of vampires who have been sent to kill the couple. Ben and Moses fight them off. Meanwhile, Dinah’s father, Menelaus, flees while hiding from the vampires. Moses rescues Dinah. While resting at a nearby hotel, he is attacked by one of the vampires, whom he easily defeats. He then returns to the motel where Dinah awaits her future husband.

Ben at Classic Firearms follows the exploits of the main characters for over a year. Although the book is written in a fast, action packed style, it is written very well with excellent characters. There are no subplots or minor characters in this book. The story is told from the characters’ perspectives and follows accordingly. It would have been better if the story had continued in another book, but as it is, Classic Firearms: The Untold Story of Ben at the firearms does a good job of introducing the main characters and their unique situation.

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