Why Are Both of These Used on Firearms?

What are the two different types of magazines used on firearms? You may have seen articles in magazines that talk about the two different types of magazines. Magazines are magazines that are used with firearms for magazine magazines, ammunition, cleaning supplies and much more. So, what are the two different types of magazines used on firearms? Lets find out.

what are the two different types of magazines used on firearms

Magazine Feeding: Magazine feeding is when a magazine is loaded and used with a firearm. There are two different types of magazine feeding. One type of magazine feeding is with a spring that pushes a cocking block that pushes a bolt down into the magazine feeding drum. The other type of magazine feeding is a piston that feeds the magazine by using oil, gas or hydraulic pressure from the barrel or by using a pin that pushes down on a piston to feed the magazine. Both types of feeding provide a magazine that can hold ammo and fire a shot.

Spring Magazine Feeding: This type of magazine feeding has a spring attached to a cylindrical shape that is pressed against the magazine’s walls. As the spring pushes down on the magazine it pushes the magazine follower against the magazine’s walls. This magazine feeding method uses less material than the second method. The magazine follower and the magazine’s walls do not move during the operation of the magazine. A spring feeding magazine is usually found in pistol magazines and most shotgun magazines.

Magazine Follower: This magazine follower is a cone shaped piece that fits inside the magazine. It is used to help guide the bullet as it travels down the magazine tube. The magazine follower pushes the bullet through the magazine tube on top of a powder charge. Then the bullet goes down into the ejection port and pushes against the magazine’s walls. Magazine flutes usually have a small hole in the bottom of them to help guide the bullet.

How are both of these used? To sum it up, each of these two different types of magazine are used for a particular function. They differ in the way they load and fire a bullet. The bullet used by the pistol magazine will be fed from the magazine to the magazine follower. Then the magazine must be ejected and the bullet will be guided through the magazine and fired.

So now you know the answer to the question, “Why are both of these used on firearms?” The two different types of ammunition magazines are very common and there are many different uses for them. You will find that when using one or the other you will notice a huge difference in your shooting skills. After firing some rounds with either type of magazine the differences will become apparent and you will be able to see which type of magazine is best for your needs.

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